Monday, June 3, 2013

The Pocono Modern Shop - Chester, NJ

In November of 2011, Pocono  Modern launched their online shop featuring a handful of original items that included reclaimed wood furniture, limited edition posters, handmade candles, key chains, and pillows.  In the following 18 months, the company was able to follow up the online site with a series of new work, two successful sales with, a highly popular ETSY shop, and strategic partnerships with small batch artisans across the country.  The success of the online shop has been fueled by items such as vintage Pyrex posters, limited edition prints by Ty Mattson, and new furniture including a custom herringbone headboard hand laid with reclaimed douglas fir.  Due to overwhelming demand, the company moved into brick and mortar retailing with a new shop in Chester, New Jersey.  The shop (designed in partnership with Kalashian Architecture and Design) features a range of new and vintage items showcasing the brands timeless modern aesthetic.  Materials include reclaimed barn wood, custom concrete counters, pine plank siding, and engineered wood flooring.  Pocono Modern has also partnered with companies that share their high quality handmade mantra including Sydney Hale (candles), Colette Paperie (cards and stationary), Rifle Paper, Printing Grounds (hand screened linens), Dot and Army (vintage linens), Sugarfina (confections), Sweet Paul (magazine), and many others.   Below are some images from the new shop (click to enlarge):

To view the online shop visit

The new shop in Chester is located at 52 Main Street in Chester NJ.