Sunday, February 10, 2013

Latest Restaurant Design - 12 West in Montclair, NJ

Here are some shots of our latest project in Montclair, NJ - A new American restaurant called 12 West.  The site is directly adjacent to a train station and takes some of it's design cues from the location as well as a warm, jewel toned color palate.  Just some background - the building is a long narrow pre-fab structure that had no inherent charm or character.  We broke up the spaces by creating multiple zones which allowed for maximum flexibility.  We will be adding some of these images to our regular site soon, but here's a first look (double click images to enlarge):

For more information regarding this project contact Kraig Kalashian Architecture at Design

 View of the bar area from the entry

View of bar towards entry

Booths frame the perimeter with a view of the tracks

Main view of dining room

Railroad Inspired Casework and Art

If you are in the area, it's definitely worth a trip.  For a link to the restaurant and their menus visit


  1. Kraig, great work! I really like the large soffit above the bar, it drops the ceiling to create a much more intimate space. Is that engineered hardwood, copper, or some metallic paint?

  2. Thanks Dave - The canopy is made from hardwood installed upside down on a suspended plywood base - not difficult to do, but labor intensive. Thanks for following and I'm interested to see what is going on with your place in Philly -

  3. Kraig, this is a very nice demonstration that so much can be achieved on a shoestring budget. Quite a remarkable transformation!

  4. Thanks Kees - Give me a call as I'm interested to hear about your plans!

  5. Nice post! I love the stark white colors and the industrial feel of some of the furniture and lighting here- truly a beautiful design. I'm currently in the design stage of my own restaurant- the colors and simplicity remind me of the special urethane flooring we picked out. It looks great and completely resists bacteria and water.

    Restaurant Consultant

    1. Thank you Emily - send pics when you are done of yours!

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